Fabber, 3D printing on demand


With a design or without it, with ideas or without them, with previous knowledge or not, to play, to test, to produce prototypes or true manufacturated objects, you can use Fabber.

Fabber is a 3D printing service on demand. 3D printing is a way to call the different processes that allow to send a digital input (a 3d design) to a machine able to reproduce physically this object. Thanks to the Reprap project, 3D printing goes more popular but not everybody wants to have a printer at home or at the office!

So Fabber helps you to print molds, models, experiments and prototypes but also ultra-customized objects, original designs or designs uploaded from the web like from Thingiverse.
Fabber allows you to publish your design or your prints to share them with the community or to sell them.

Small, local, fast and adaptable production unit, Fabber is able to produce low prices unique objects. You don't need to wait for industry to produce the object you like, or to wait to have thousands and thousands of customers to produce or test a product.
Fabber allows you to experiment and freely create going easily from the idea to the object.

Fabber is available here: http://fabber.cc
Fabber is a project by Oncediez and Ultra-lab. This first version will change soon :-) ans is open to your comments.

Fred Muscinési
Equipo Ultra-lab | @ultra_lab